Membership fee for our service:

The membership fee can be payed by wire transer to any of our bank accounts:

Account holder name: Mininet Kft

IBAN: HU53 1700 0019 1462 3855 0000 0000
Bank name: AXA Bank


If you need more sites than previously assigned, please ask more by e-mail to .

Inventory upload

You can upload your stocklist simple trough this site. We can accept lists in the following formats:

After a successfull registration, you can upload your inventoty, but the data will not be inserted instantly in our database. Our admin will check the format of the uploaded file, will associate it with a compatible format generating a specific loading type and only after the data will be introduced in our database. This loading type will be saved and in the future you'll be able to load, update or modify instantly your inventory from the database.

If your stock management system actually doesn't have an export function, you must customize your export format in order to generate the CSV-file in the following format:

  10Q 630/22;SNR;10;3.17
  SCE 86;INA;1
  NKI 42/20;;12;7
The manufacturer and the price is optional.

Bearingmarket is not a distributor. Bearingmarket is not owned by a distributor.
Bearingmarket is totally independent and we do not buy or sell bearings.